Getting ready to go to one of the events listed on this site? If so, please keep in mind the following:

You must be of legal age
These events are adults-only, so you have to be at least 18 years old.

You may need a membership card
By the Italian law, kinky parties can only be held in private venues – meaning operated by a members-only association – or you’d commit the crime of public indecency. That means you must acquire a membership card from either the club itself or another venue associated to the same circuit (they are called ‘all-clubs’ cards).

Please be aware that law also forbids issuing the card before 24 hours have passed from requesting it. The solution? Just call the club in advance, leave your information, and pick up your membership card when you get there!

You may have to follow a dress code
Some of the events require a specific dress code. Please check the official website of the specific event to see what it is and whether you can change on the premises (you usually can).

These are erotic events, not orgies
Do not expect these events to be mere fuckfests. While sex can be a part of them, they are mostly about other aspects of eroticism and you will not be welcomed if you approach them as an excuse to mindlessly hit on other participants.

You must be sober
Kink requires a clear mind to be safely enjoyed. Entry will be denied to anyone under the influence, and intoxicated people will be removed from the event.

Safer sex only
Health is no laughing matter, so at these events only safer sex is practiced, using condoms and other forms of prevention against STDs.

Sex positivity principles apply
All these events follow and enforce the following rules:

Everyone is accepted and appreciated, without discrimination nor judgment for their gender, age, body, preferences, ethnicity, etc.
Also, everyone must behave politely and respectfully toward everyone else, or they will be requested to leave.

Always ask before doing, and respect whatever answer you get.
If you don’t want to do something, just say “no”.
In case of any problem, ask the staff and anyone violating your consent will be removed from the event.

Safe, sane and consensual
You should know this motto and what it means. The “safe and sane” part is just as important as consent: if you need information or technical guidance just ask, and the staff or the more experienced participants will gladly show you how to safely approach any situation.

Please always agree on a safeword and safesignal with your playing partners, and stop whatever you are doing if they are invoked. If you can’t decide on one or forget to set one, “Red” is the standard safeword all over the world.

No photos or videos are allowed at the events – but an official photoset is often available for those who specifically want their picture taken – and you are kindly asked not to discuss whatever happened at the event outside of it.