Milano Kinky is the official booking website for the best alternative sexuality events in Milan.
Here is how it works:

Choose an event
On the Calendar page you will find all the events announced for the upcoming weeks.

Clicking Info or the event name, you will open a page featuring the detailed information about the event, including the official website where you can check specifics like the dress code, any particular theme, special guests and so on.

Book your entry
Clicking on Book you can see how many entries are still available for each participant category (they are usually divided in Couples, Single men, Single women).

Choose your type, check the possible age discount (the club will check both at the door, so don’t cheat!) and pay with Paypal.

Confirm your booking
Certain events may require a further confirmation of your request and/or of the final booking. Check your email inbox – including the spam folder, where messages can sometimes mistakenly end up – and answer any possible confirmation request.

Depending on the event, you might receive a QR code or a number code to be shown at the door. In any case, we suggest printing the confirmation email, and bringing with you your smartphone with the messages you received, just to avoid any discussion.

Get ready!
Before you leave for the event, make sure to bring with you any required membership card and/or outfit.

Travel issues?
Unused bookings are not reimbursed.

Your booking will be valid for the first two hours after the event starts: after this limit, your place will be made available to any waiting person, so please be on time because you might find the venue full and unable to let you in!

The event is sold out but you want in anyway?
You have one more chance: if someone who booked doesn’t show up, their place will be available two hours after the event starts (or earlier, if they contacted the venue to inform they can’t make it). If you feel lucky, try popping over anyway and see whether there is any free place!